Website Building and Optimizing

by Zach Lumbley

Hello and Greetings,
My name is Zach Lumbley and I am a front-end web developer and search engine optimizer. I am originally from West Texas but have moved to South Louisiana.Through the modern power that the internet provides, I am able to handle projects and jobs not only in South Louisiana and West Texas but also for the rest of the United States. From being raised in working in a family business, I understand the importance of a business' exposure to clients. In fact, the family business I was a part of is a project that I continue to modify and optimize on a regular basis.

For example, before I took over as webmaster for the family business, out of 200 of their rental units, only 110 units were out. After 6 months of updating and optimizing their search engine position, ALL 200 units were out on a constant basis, with more units being requested from clients!!

So I want to help you to have the same kind of success with your websites. Get in touch with me by: